Vanessa Richardson

Georgia born and bred, originally from Augusta, I earned my bachelor’s degree in biology from Georgia State University with Cum Laude honors. I earned my medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia with AOA honors and went on to complete a post-graduate year in internal medicine at Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Ga. My residency in dermatology was completed at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. From there, I was fortunate to work with a great team of dermatologists in private practice in Columbia, S.C. and am now elated to call Kaiser Permanente home! Office number: 404-365-0966

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    Can I call your office directly to request an appointment?


    Yes. We encourage you to follow up directly with the provider.


    What should I do if I requested an appointment and haven't heard anything back?


    We encourage you to reach out directly to the office of the doctor you requested an appointment with if you haven't heard anything back within 72 hours.

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